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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Call to action --

I am running for Congress to move our country in a better direction. Together, we can and will win this race. But to do so, I need your help.

Please give financially now. It is critical that I raise as much money as possible by next Friday, June 30. This is important for two reasons: 1) It is the end of the 2nd Quarter for FEC reporting -- showing a lot of support will continue to broaden the national momentum we have. 2) We need the resources to respond to the attacks that my opponent, Steve Chabot, is likely to start launching against me in just a few short weeks.

Right-wing strategists are publicly boasting that they will launch “early” assaults to not let top challengers “off the mat.” (The New York Times, 5/21/06). A Tom DeLay created PAC has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Chabot’s campaign coffers to “go on the offense” against me and our campaign. (Links: The Hill, 3/02/06; The Washington Post, 3/25/99)

Especially since his days as an impeachment manager of President Clinton, Steve Chabot has aligned himself with the most notorious right-wing fundraisers in Washington. Chabot’s campaign treasure chest has been lined through efforts from individuals in the Orbit of Jack Abramoff, including Tom DeLay, Mike Scanlon, Tony Rudy, David Safavian, Neil Volz, and Mitchell Wade. (Links:; Cranley for Congress documented press releases & articles here and here)

We know that arch-conservatives like Chabot will not win on the issues that matter most to the American people, so they plan on launching personal attacks to change the subject from their failures. I need your help to make sure my positive agenda is able to rise above the right-wing schemes of Steve Chabot.

We have reason to believe that Chabot and his cronies will amass millions for paid media attacks that could begin as early as this summer. I need to be able to respond.

Please help by forwarding this letter to individuals and groups working for a better tomorrow. Please post this message on blogs to help maintain the national viability of our campaign.

Had Enough? Help Elect Cranley to Congress for Solutions
We must win this race to change course and restore a bond of trust between the American people and Congress. I have had enough of my opponent, Steve Chabot, and his neo-con special interests creating expensive long-term problems for the American people. There is so much at stake during this election.

Chabot and the Bush Administration have gotten us into a lot of problems. I have solutions.

Had Enough Reckless Foreign Policy?

We need to target Osama bin Laden and terrorist cells intent on killing us. We also need to partner on human rights reforms in Islamic countries.

My opponent, Steve Chabot, however, was intent on going to war with Iraq before we even responded in Afghanistan to the terrorist atrocities committed against us on 9/11. From the floor of the House, Chabot pushed the Bush Administration for war with Iraq just a few weeks after 9/11 on October 4, 2001:

“Hussein ought to be put up there with Osama bin Laden in this war against terrorism… And if we are serious about ending, destroying and stopping international terrorism, we absolutely have to target Hussein… I would urge the Administration to include him in those people we have to get rid of.” (Link: US Policy Towards Iraq, Subcommittee on the Middle East & South Asia, 10/04/01)

Since those remarks, Chabot has praised Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s handling of the Iraq war, saying “he’s done an exemplary job.” (Link: Roll Call, 5/07/04)

It is no wonder The Cincinnati Enquirer has described Chabot as a “Bush stalwart”. (Link: “Local delegation heeds Bush”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/30/06)

I will not be a rubber-stamp to the neo-conservative ideology like Steve Chabot. I will work to make us safer by going after the people who go after us.

Had Enough Corporate Welfare to Oil Companies at a time of Record High Gas Prices?

Chabot has voted for every Bush Energy Bill and even served on the House-Senate conference committee that handed-over $14.5 Billion in corporate welfare to oil and gas companies last year. Recently, the House voted to revoke $7 Billion of free giveaways to oil companies, but as expected, Chabot voted for the oil companies even though they are enjoying historic profits. Oil companies have rewarded Chabot with over $60K for his campaigns. (Links: HR 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05; HR 5386, Vote #167, 5/18/06; HR 6, Vote #132, 4/21/05; HR 4, Vote #320, 8/01/01; HR 6, Vote #145, 8/11/03;

We need to break away from our dependence on oil. I will fight for a John F. Kennedy “man on the moon initiative” to find new energy sources that will boost our economy.

Had Enough of Skyrocketing Federal Deficits?

I will focus on balancing the federal budget. I do not believe that we should force the mistakes of reckless fiscal policies onto future generations. When I became Finance Chair of Cincinnati City Council, I inherited a city deficit of $35 Million. For five consecutive years I balanced city budgets with bipartisan support.

Bush and Chabot have turned record budget surpluses into historic record deficits and have raised the national debt limit by Trillions. The conservative Cato Institute remarks, “Even after excluding spending on defense and homeland security, Bush is the biggest spending president in 30 years.” (Link:“The Grand Old Spending Party: How Republicans Became Big Spenders, 5/03/05; S 2986, Vote #536 11/18/2004; H Con Res 95, Vote #141, 4/11/03; S 2578 , Vote #279, 6/27/2002)

I have signed a pledge that says until the federal budget is balanced, I will not take a pay raise. My opponent says he’s against taking pay raises, but after he votes “no” he still pockets the pay raises. (Link: “Cranley vows to reject pay raises”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/10/06)

To reduce the deficit I will vote to end no-bid contracts, negotiate prescription drug costs down, vote against “bridges to nowhere”, and audit FEMA, to give just a few examples.

Had Enough of Working Harder to Educate Your Children?

Chabot voted for “the largest single cut the federal government has made to student aid programs and is expected to increase the debt burden of students and their families as many borrowers of student loans will face higher interest payments.” (CNN Money, 2/08/06; HR 653 Vote # 4, 2/01/06)

I’ve had enough of congressmen who preach about getting ahead but put obstacles in the way. Student loans are today’s bootstraps. It’s pretty sad that today’s Republicans like Chabot won’t even provide bootstraps for the future. My opponent has even tried to abolish the Department of Education. (HR 1883, 6/16/95;; USA Today, 2/01/06; HR 1883, 6/16/95)

I will make education a national priority and support making college more affordable.

Had Enough of Congress Backing Drug Makers First?

Chabot has voted against safe drug re-importation and negotiating for lower drug prices. According to campaign finance reports, Steve Chabot has taken $30,800 from the pharmaceutical company special interests. (; HR 2427, Vote #445, 7/25/03; Scripps Howard News Service, 7/25/03; Los Angeles Times, 7/25/03 HR 2673, Vote #624, 11/18/2003 HR 1, Vote #668, 11/21/2003)

I will fight to provide affordable opportunities for prescription drugs through negotiating for cheaper drugs and safe drug re-importation. I’ve had enough of Chabot preaching his belief in competition but acting to restrain competition when it hurt his drug company friends.

In Congress, I will fight for affordable health care for all.

Had Enough of Congress Suppressing Democracy?

I have had enough of right-wing schemes to suppress the individual’s voice in democracy. Chabot is an architect of Republican efforts to suppress the minority vote. This is particularly disturbing because our district has a large minority population.

Chabot has voted for new measures to block non-profits from federal funding if they engage in non-partisan voter registration activities like voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities. In fact, this idea originated from a group that Chabot is a part of – The Republican Study Committee. (H.AMDT.596, 10/26/05; HR 1461, Roll Call 546, 10/26/05; HR 1461 – Federal Housing Reform Act of 2005, 10/26/05)

The internet has provided a new frontier for expressing one’s democratic voice. Net Neutrality allows all people to set-up accessible websites, regardless of income. Republicans and the telecommunications industry are now trying to end Net Neutrality. Ending Net Neutrality allows the telecommunication industry to profit from the public internet. Chabot has repeatedly worked to suppress this new frontier by voting against Net Neutrality. This is wrong. The internet is owned by the government and belongs to the public. We should keep it that way.

My opponent has been a longstanding friend of the telecommunications industry and they have heavily supported his campaigns, even running independent expenditures against me in 2000. (Links: HR 5417 AMDT, Judiciary Committee vote, 5/25/06, Tech Law Journal, 5/25/06, HR 5252, Markley Net Neutrality AMDT, Vote #239, 6/08/06)

In Congress, I will work to strengthen the Voting Rights Act, to support campaign finance reform and to keep Net Neutrality. I will fight to make sure every voice is heard.

These are just a few examples of the differences between me and my opponent. Please visit my website – – for more. It will be regularly revised with more information.

We Can Win, If We Are Able to Compete
Ohio’s First Congressional District has long been considered a swing district. In 2004, Bush barely edged-out Kerry by winning the First District with 51%. Chabot’s record of rubber-stamping Bush 89% of the time proves how out-of-step he is with the district. “Chabot’s voting profile tends to be much more conservative then his largely blue-collar district, which is nearly split even between Republican and Democratic voters.” (LINK: “Local delegation heeds Bush”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/30/06)

The National Democratic Party recognizes our campaign as a critical race nationwide and has included us in the Red to Blue Program. Democratic Congressional Campaign Chair Rahm Emanuel said, “This is ground zero. If the (campaign committee) had been smart enough to get behind John when he ran the last time, he’d probably be in Congress now.” (Link: The Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/26/06)

The National Republican Party has made protecting my opponent a top priority. Chabot’s seat is listed among their most vulnerable seats nationwide. (Links: The Hill, 5/02/06; The Hill, 3/02/06 )

The New York Times, The Cook Report, Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly, The Today Show and NBC Nightly News have regularly covered this race (Link: The Washington Post has even made this a Top 10 race in the country (Link: The Washington Post, 4/13/06).

I Need Your Help
Please help by donating to Cranley for Congress online at or by sending a check to “Cranley for Congress” at 37 W. 7th Street, Suite 804, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. The maximum that an individual may contribute for the general election is $2,100. Every bit helps.

Again, please help by forwarding this letter to friends and posting this letter on blogs and emphasizing the importance of contributing by this Friday, June 30th.

Again, I am very appreciative of all the help that so many of you have given already. We are less than five months away from a victorious election day.

Together, we can and will win Ohio’s First Congressional District.

There is more information on my website, which is undergoing a complete overhaul. Please make sure to check-in regularly to

Thanks in advance,

John Cranley

About John Cranley

John Cranley comes from a long family tradition of service to Greater Cincinnati and the country. John’s grandfathers and father are war veterans who collectively served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. John’s mother is a teacher and serves as President of the Cincinnati Public School Board.

John attended St. William’s grade school and St. Xavier for high school, where his long term commitment to public service emerged. At John Carroll University, John graduated magna cum laude in Philosophy and Political Science and twice served as student body president. As a Junior, he was awarded the Harry S. Truman Scholarship -- a national award granted to students who share a commitment to public service, leadership and academics – which helped him pay for law school.

At Harvard Law School, John worked as a student attorney for people who could not afford legal counsel. He was elected First Class Marshal and delivered the Harvard Law School graduation speech on behalf of his class. Upon graduation, John took a position as an associate attorney with Taft, Stettinius and Hollister.

John also graduated from Harvard Divinity School with a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. During his time at Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School, he taught two undergraduate legal and philosophy courses at Harvard College.

In 2000, as a first time candidate and the Democratic nominee for Congress, John held incumbent Steve Chabot to 53% of the vote. Following his impressive debut, Cranley was appointed to the Cincinnati City Council and has since been elected to keep his post three times. In the most recent election, John was voted the top vote getter in a field of 31 candidates.

As a city councilman, Cranley has been a leading voice for change and has a history of making tough choices. When he became Finance Chairman, he inherited a city deficit of $35 Million. Cranley rose to the challenge and for five consecutive years has balanced city budgets with bipartisan support while reducing property taxes and putting more cops on the street.

Cranley has also led efforts to redevelop the urban core by creating tax increment financing districts. He has also worked to expand and keep affordable public transit and to pass a clean air law. During his tenure, Cranley has been the most outspoken and effective leader in getting more cops hired and on the street to fight crime.

In addition to his work on City Council, Cranley co-founded the Ohio Innocence Project at the Rosenthal Institute for Justice at the University of Cincinnati Law School, where he has served as administrative director. Through the use of DNA evidence, The Ohio Innocence Project works to free the innocent and identify the real criminals. In April, Cranley gave up his position at the Innocence Project in order to focus on his congressional race.

Now, six years after holding veteran politician Chabot to 53% of the vote, John Cranley is challenging Chabot once again so that everyone in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District will be represented in the House of Representatives.

Donations and gifts to Cranley for Congress are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions, contributions from individuals under the age of 18, and contributions from non-U.S. citizens who are not lawfully admitted for permanent residence are prohibited.

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