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Friday, October 21, 2005

Krugman on Vacation? How Dare He?

Well! In that case, maybe I'll get to know him a bit better. I find INCIDENTS FROM MY CAREER on Paul's Princeton website, which promises to tell us how he (in his words):

came to be the particular sort of economist I am -- how I came to write the books and papers I did, and more generally how I arrived both at the particular ideas I have inflicted on the world and at whatever distinctive features there are in my intellectual style. Lives are seamless, so everything affects everything else: my economic theories have no doubt been influenced by my relationship with my cats (which is, I hasten to add, mature and mutually supportive) and vice versa. What I will try to focus on in this essay, however, are the incidents in my professional life that I think were important -- the experiences that in obvious ways influenced the way I write and think.


Blogger dorsano said...

it wou;d be nice to get a chance to know him better - but I already know that he's a good guy

and I can't keep up with you - so I need to make some cuts somewhere.

1:09 AM  

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