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Friday, August 26, 2005


Ohio Music Festival Returns With Focus on Peace and Environmental Awareness

Ryan Bussey, or "Buzz" as he's known in the local music circles, started Camp Buzz, as the legend goes, with a hay wagon for a stage and some guy's farm for a venue. In 2002, Bussey hosted Camp Buzz 9, the biggest endeavor yet, going so far as to run animated TV spots during South Park and bringing together 20 bands, local, regional, and national.

For the last few years, Buzz campers haven't heard from the man they call "Buzz" since. Until now.

On September 16 & 17th, 2005, Camp Buzz returns to Camp America in College Corner, Ohio, just 25 miles north of Cincinnati. But Camp Buzz 2005 is unlike previous festivals. This time around Camp Buzz will tie into the "global dance for peace" event, as well as benefit

Camp Buzz will donate 50% of proceeds to to support the EarthDance mission, which is explained as, "To promote peace by joining participants worldwide in a synchronized prayer for peace and to support humanitarian causes through the global language of music and dance." Rock the Earth is an environmental advocacy group working to ensure the existence of a sustainable and healthy environment for all. The new focus on consciousness reflects the interests of Buzz and his partners in the festival production. "We want to get people involved and interested in two issues that are so important to our future on this planet...peace and our environment," said Ryan "Buzz" Bussey.

Take one look at the featured acts and just try and slate this event as just another hippie-fest.

Hogscraper (Cincinnati) -- Called by one Cincinnati reporter, "Punk/Glam/Metal attitude...twisted with a B-horror movie sensibility that manifested itself in the group's demented, maniacally entertaining live shows and extensive character back-stories...and one of the most original (and perversely entertaining) bands in Cincinnati music history."

The Animal Crackers (Cincinnati) -- 2004 Cincy Magazine's Best of the City winners and hip-hop hip-hop supergroup have to have the staged mopped before the next act can go on.

Groovatron (Indiana), a veritable funk force, is sure to please, while alt-rockers seepeopleS (Boston) float over the lineup with their breathy, lush songs, and Starrunner (Chicago), jams the night away.

This time around, Buzz is putting emphasis on having a multitude of genres, as well as spotlighting the rich music scene of Cincinnati while helping those in need and saving the planet. Delusions of grandeur? Never. But a good time for all sits on the horizon, or rather, September 16-17th, 2005, rain or shine. The full lineup of bands is available on the Camp Buzz website. Tickets can also be purchased at or by calling 513.921.9500 with a credit card.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dan Heimbrock, 513.328.5617


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